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Surrender Yourself [entries|friends|calendar]
The Furry (and Scaly) Psycheklonophiliacs

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Second life things... [28 Aug 2006|10:47am]
I have started a weekly DJ session on Second life. I would like to get to know some of you out there if you are on Second life as well. Perhaps there is a hypnosis community or something? Anyway, the info:

SL Name: Teej Steuben
Rainbow Tiger Radio DJ

Leave an IM and Ill get back with you if anyone is on there.

My sessions are Friday nights at 1 AM (EDT) or if you prefer the SLT, 10 PM. You can hear me at club rainbow tiger or if you don't have second life...you can still listen on your favorite streaming music program. Ask me about the address if you like this option instead of joining up on SL.

I started last Friday, and it was fun. This week, I am just recording a sessoin as I will be at MFM this week. Its still going to be spun and recorded live...just played on Friday night! =^.^=

I will, at one point, do a very trance enducing session...but not until I establish a nice little base of listeners, so they see I have a wide range of music!

Later all! (and say hi! I love to hear from people!)

^^Trance Fox
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Starting soon... [24 Aug 2006|09:53am]
I will be having a DJ slot on Second Life, if you play it. I don't really play it...but my new roomie does. So I got an account and haven't really used it. But I was offered a 'job' spinning some music. Right up my alley. If your on SL, let me know and Ill tell ya my name and you can join in the listening, if I get up the courage to do it! hehe.

Im all nervous now...a chance to infect people with my music...nice...

^^Trance Fox
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Friday! [11 Aug 2006|10:29am]
Rock on...its Friday. Weekend is coming up. Anyway...if you happen to be on IRC and you happen to be on the Furnet server. There is a channel now for the hypnosis community. We are trying to build up the population and get a nice healthy group to discuss, RP, and overall interact. Come and join #hypnosis on the Furnet IRC server! Hope to see you there!

^^Trance Fox (AKA Teej)
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New Present [18 Jul 2006|10:03am]
I got a nice new present in the mail on Friday. Unfortunatly its a tad too big. But then again, when its a custom made colar, things like that happen sometimes. =^.^= Enjoy the pics. The symbols are Ongaku (sound/music) and Kitsune ('Fox') =^.^= Weeee for gifts!

Black BG
Level neck
Top down

^^Trance Fox
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Just a quick question [13 Jun 2006|01:10pm]
I know a few of you can not make it. But will anyone be going to Anthrocon this weekend? Let me know and maybe we can get together and say "hi".

Sorry that this isn't really on-topic

^^Trance Fox
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best help [12 Jun 2006|09:30pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

Well, they say the best help comes from friends. I have been some what apprehensive about asking my boyfriend about hypnosis in the bedroom. I don't know why, I was a little afraid he would reject me or laugh about it. I was very surprised when he seemed more than eager to try it! Again, we don't know much, but now with two people looking into the subject and someone actually close to me, who I trust trying it with me, I am a very happy indeed.

Sorry I have been somewhat adsent as of late, we are still looing into buying a new PC, so I'm still leeching of of my man. He doesn't mind though ;)

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Hello once again... [09 Jun 2006|09:04am]
Happy Friday,

Soon enough, I will be able to start exploring more of my interest in hypnosis and control. I will be having the apartment to myself. I am going to be changing the second bedroom into a kind of study/guest room and I think I will be using that room as a kind of play room for this kind of stuff. I'm excited. I still have yet to determin what exactly I am ('tist or subject) I guess I require exposure to both sides. I know that I can control, but not that well, so I would need to learn and practice. And what better way to learn than to be a subject, no?

Anyway, just a brief update to say hello and try to keep this community somewhat active. Will anyone be attending Anthrocon next week? This will be my first one and I am quite excited. (First AC, not first con.) I believe that I need face to face exposure to this instead of internet (thought that is quite fun. ::smiles to Hissy::) So anyway, yeah...sorry for wasting time! =^.^=

^^Trance Fox
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introduction [06 Jun 2006|05:23am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hello! I happened upon this community while looking through interests on LJ. I don't know much about hyponosis, but it's always interested me, so I'm hoping I can learn from all this.

Name: Aire
Fur or Scale: neither really, I usually associate myself with air/wind elements
What aspect of mind control do you enjoy most?: definetly surrendering myself (but safely)
Why?: It sounds incredibally sexy and fun

I'm sorry, I don't have much else to post! It's a pleasure to meet you all, hope to see this place become alive again.

I also meant to say, if you wish to contact me (because I'm always looking for friends), feel free to email me at windhyena @ gmail.com

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A need...(X-posted from my journal) [16 May 2006|10:00am]
I need to just let go for a while. Maybe a night or something. Just get lost in some music and someones thoughts. Anyone wanna help? Maybe tonight or when the time is good?

It would mean a lot to me, and maybe help me get some order to a lot of thoughts at the moment running in my head.


^^Trance Fox
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Greetings und Wie Gehts? [09 May 2006|03:18pm]
Got a new journal up and running just for this kind of situation.

Trying to get into the Hypnosis/Control scene a little and I decided it was time to really attempt at it. I kind of keep this seperate from my other stuff, just because I want to have things that my everyday people just don't know about.

Anyway, I am a Kitsune who is driven by sound. I feed off of it. I believe that sound and music have a different kind of power aside from entertainment. I may be alone on this fact, but I bet you at some point in your life, you found yourself lost in some melody or beat and forgot what you were doing.


I think this is what I have to offer to the hypnosis community, a different approach to it. I am eager to learn from you all and see what you have to offer. I am a fur, I am bi, I like to role play. I have a degree in Chemistry and German and marched Drum and bugle corps for two years. I have a strong and growing interest in the hypnosis and control comunity so I hope you all can help me! Thats a quick overview!

Hope to hear back from you all soon!
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New IRC Channel [11 Feb 2006|09:31pm]

[ mood | horny ]

In case anyone is interested, I've created a related IRC channel on the server irc.furnet.org entitled #mindyiff. I figure, a fetish like this may be fun to read about in stories and view in (albeit not very good at depicting it) pictures, something like a chat might be more so. :P So... yeah. :)

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Well? [12 Dec 2005|06:44pm]

[ mood | excited ]

What, is this lil' place going under?
Shame. It's a good concept.
I'm Varr Sunrose.
Interestingly enough, most of my previous rp and storywriting work has a mind-control theme. If anyone's interested in doing a story project with me, say so.
As far as control/submission goes, I like both sides of the coin. On the one, I can exert sadistically minute control over a subordinate; the other, the feeling of fanatical devotion and oneness.
Anyway, like I said, if anyone cares to, I'd be willing to do a story via e-mail.
So go on, respond. I've got plenty of time, friends.
You KNOW you want to.....

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[26 Nov 2005|03:03pm]

Hmm... maybe a pic will jump-start things?

Cut because of big and NSFW-nessCollapse )
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General Update / "Call to Arms" [24 Aug 2005|03:59pm]

I understand the group is still incredibly small, but I would like to get it up off the ground, at least. So, are there any ideas? Two that have already been proposed (both of which I liked) are a writing competition and a swapping of fantasies. Another option, as always in a community like this, would be drawings (it's possible in the context, trust me). So... ideas? Yay? Nay? Anything? :P

Also, in case it had gone unnoticed, the need to be approved has been lifted - I hope folks out there know how to use their better judgement. Also, hissylizard has been made into a second mod, as there are times when I myself am indisposed (as was evident this summer ^^; ).
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Welcome (read: Testing Community) [07 May 2005|09:21pm]

[ mood | surrendered ]

Hello, and welcome! Because it's a tad obscure, allow me to clarify: phycheklonophilia, literally translated, is the love of agitating the mind, or the love of mind control. In other words, this community is for those furries and scalies who have a soft spot in their hearts (and possibly a wet spot in their pants... :P ) for mind control. Be it the controlling end or the surrendered end, it's a fascinating topic.

Now, because I can, a little introduction of myself.

Name: Baphijmm, or Ba Phyi Zhum
Fur or Scale: Scaly 'kin ^^
What aspect of mind control do you enjoy most?: I'd have to say the surrendered end, personally.
Why?: It just seems like so much fun.

I suppose that's it. Enjoy!

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